Parkfield Miniatures


All prices are for unpainted miniatures

25mm infantry figures on foot      95P  each
25mm mounted figures £2.75 each
25/28mmmm Artillery (Cannon and 10" mortar) £1.75 each
25/28mmmm Artillery (Field gun) £2.50 each
25mm canoe with two crew figures(of your choice) £3.00 each
Additional canoe crew figures      95P each
Maxim machine gun and crew set £3.60 each
25mm Gun Limber with Horse and Walking Man £4.00
25mm Mounted Figure For Gun Limber £2.75  
Pack of four 15mm figures      95P each
28mm infantry and figures on foot £1.10 each
28mm cavalry figures mounted £3.00  
28mm Jingal with crew £2.20  
28mm Dog handler with dog (VAI 10) £1.75  
28mm M113 A1 with 2 man crew (MV1) £15.00  
28mm M113 ACAV with 4 man crew (MV2) £18.00
28mm vehicle stowage for M113 A1+M113 ACAV £1.75  
Archers accessory packs £1.10  
Barrels and accessory packs £1.10  
Weapons packs £1.10  
 FULL COLOUR FLAGS      80p per sheet of two flags
Publications  priced individually in lists
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